iGUIDE Branding Guide

Using the Brand Guide

The essential identity of iGUIDE® is encapsulated in our easily identifiable logo and branding. After all of the hard work we’ve put into creating a cohesive brand design, we came up with a few rules for maintaining the integrity of the brand. Following these guidelines will optimize the awareness for iGUIDE through all applications, on any kind of media, regardless of the technical requirements.

At the most basic level, this document seeks to define the appropriate applications of our branding, uphold our aesthetic standards, and imbue confidence in their implementation.


Our mission at Planitar is to become the gold standard for documenting and managing physically built space. We will map the world and look forward to the day when there is an iGUIDE for every property around the globe!

iGUIDE in Practice

Using our patented iGUIDE® Camera System, iGUIDE Professionals have the quickest and most efficient tools to document existing built space. iGUIDE property data sets deliver photos, floor plans, room measurements, square footage calculations, and 3D property tours, and enable an array of other property management tools for a complete solution.

iGUIDE provides users with the best way to navigate and understand physical space. The Planitar Sales, Marketing, Training, and Support teams are focused on working with iGUIDE Professionals to create and build successful businesses, using iGUIDE technology and know-how.

iGUIDE Logos

The iGUIDE logo is an essential part of the iGUIDE brand and its use is governed through these straightforward and intentional rules because we want you to be able to share it confidently. The iGUIDE name, the iGUIDE logos, and their related trademarks are the property of Planitar Inc. and are registered and/or used in Canada, the U.S., and countries around the world. Logo Downloads:

BlackiGUIDE BlueWhite

The Rules

  • The main logo should always be used the first time a reader/the public encounters the logo. Thereafter use the Secondary logo (wordmark).

  • On white backgrounds, the preferred logo is the one with the blue lettering, the logo with the black lettering is the secondary choice.

  • On a non-white background, the logo lettering can only be white.

  • The iGUIDE logo must always include the registered trademark (®).

  • The primary iGUIDE logo (combined camera icon and iGUIDE wordmark) is only to be used by the employees of the head office.

BlackiGUIDE BlueWhite

The Rules

  • The secondary logos should be used after the primary logo has been used first in a document.

  • All operators and vendors are only to use the secondary iGUIDE logo and not the primary logo.

BlackiGUIDE BlueWhite

The Rules

  • The camera-only logo cannot be used in place of the primary logo or the iGUIDE secondary logo.

  • The camera-only logo may be used as an icon, such as a bullet point or to represent a marker on a map, but should never be used in the place of the primary or secondary logo. Use of the Camera logo on licensed products requires official permission from the Planitar Marketing Department.

Logo Usage

Don’t compromise the overall look and feel of the iGUIDE logo by distorting, off-brand colouring, rotating, or skewing it. That would dilute our brand and result in unsuccessful communication.

  • Do not stretch or distort the iGUIDE logo in any way.

  • Ensure that you only use the iGUIDE logo with the registered trademark.

  • Do not attempt to change the colour of the iGUIDE logo.

To ensure legibility, the logo is always surrounded by a minimum amount of buffer space in which no other graphic element may intrude, conflict, or overcrowd and lessen the impact of the logo. The amount of buffer space is proportional to the height of the letter “E” in the logo rotated 360°.

Colour Palette

Colour is an integral part of the iGUIDE brand identity. Consistent use of the approved colour palette will not only reinforce the cohesiveness of the iGUIDE brand but also works to create brand recognition.

These specific primary and secondary colours are key indicators of the iGUIDE brand. They convey our lively, forward-thinking approach to creating measured solutions to built spaces. When developing branded materials such as business cards, letterhead, event invitations, presentation decks, etc. always refer to these approved combinations.

Primary Colours

Code Type:iGUIDE BlueWhiteBlack


0, 156, 222

255, 255, 255

0, 0, 0






85, 21, 0, 0

0, 0, 0, 0

0, 0, 0, 100


2925 C



Secondary Colours

Code Type:OrangeDark BlueLight BlueGrey


247, 148, 29

0, 110, 158

69, 174, 227

88, 89, 91







0, 50, 100, 0

91, 52, 19, 2

65, 14, 0, 0

0, 0, 0, 80


1375 C

7690 C

298 C

425 C


We’ve crafted our branding right down to our approved font choices for official company documents and marketing materials. Typography is a powerful brand tool when it is used consistently.

The approved typeface below perfectly capture our clean and modern feel and should be used across all web and print applications. Black is the preferred colour for our typography body copy.

Main Font

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