Update 044 - April, 2024

Service & Technical Update 044 - April, 2024

  • iGUIDE Lead Magnet

  • Invoices on iGUIDE Portal (coming soon)

  • Stitch v6.12.3 (download required)

  • Stairs now in Instant Sketch

  • Changes in floor elevation now in ESX

iGUIDE Lead Magnet

iGUIDE Lead Magnet is a new feature that creates a 2nd, more detailed, View of a property which is available to a user upon request. A request to get access to the detailed View is made by submitting one’s contact information in the pop-up form that appears in the 3D tour. This tool is intended to improve engagement between those viewing the tour and the listing agent.

How does it work?

Once enabled, a pop-up form will appear in the iGUIDE after 3 clicks by the user or when 30 seconds have elapsed. When completed, the form data will be sent via email and (optionally) sent via text message to the listing agent on the iGUIDE banner. An automatic reply can be sent to the user with a link to the more detailed iGUIDE View. Alternatively, the listing agent can reach out directly to the user if automatic reply is not enabled.

How do I use it?

iGUIDE Lead Magnet can be enabled in the iGUIDE Portal for any new or existing iGUIDE. The checkbox to enable it can be found on the Default View settings page (click the blue Edit button on the My iGUIDEs page). Once enabled, it will have two additional pre-configure options that can be disabled. iGUIDE Lead Magnet can be turned off on unbranded tours only and the automatic email can be turned off to allow for the agent to connect manually.

What are some interesting ways to configure the detailed View?

  1. Reveal more interior scans that provide more points of view and connect important spaces.

  2. Reveal scans that are valuable to users but may not be suitable for marketing purposes. This could include spaces like garages, closets, utility rooms, and storage spaces.

  3. Reveal exterior scans that surround the property.

iGUIDE Lead Magnet will be available to use for any iGUIDE Instant, Standard or Premium on April 30th. To learn more, we invite you to join our iGUIDE Lead Magnet Master Class on Tuesday, April 23, 2024, at 2:00pm EDT – register today!

Invoices on iGUIDE Portal (coming soon)

Starting this May, all Operator accounts will be able to access a new Invoices section from the account dashboard page. On this page, your invoices will be listed for the current calendar year, each with options to view the invoice ‘Details’ and to ‘Pay’, depending on the status of the invoice. You also have the option to select a previous year to view past invoices, but please note that access to invoices from 2023 and earlier will be limited. Preview images below are subject to change.

By clicking to view the details of an invoice for a particular month, the page then lists all your iGUIDE orders, including update requests and add-ons, which belong to the invoice.

For now, and depending on your location, clicking the pay button will either open your payment instructions or automatically open your invoice in Xero where you can download your invoice or make payment.

The ability to view and interact with your invoice details directly on the iGUIDE Portal marks just one step towards our goal of making payment easier and more accessible. Please stay tuned for more updates on this in the future!

Stitch v6.12.3 (download required)

A few weeks ago, on April 11th, the latest Stitch version update was released. Stitch v6.12.3 fixes an issue involving the connection to the application’s auto-update server. If Stitch did not notify you of the update automatically, and you did not update before April 13th, please download the latest version at goiguide.com/downloads.

Stairs now in Instant Sketch

Starting May 1st, any staircases scanned for an Instant Sketch will be formatted so that some properties, e.g., treads, landings, end height, etc., are included in the Sketch. Before now, stair details such as these have not been represented in the Instant Sketch package besides just a room label to note their location.

Some more details about this change:

  • The lowest level will have a storage room created to capture any areas underneath the staircase.

  • The highest floor will have an outline for the room of the staircase so the floor area can be removed from the Claim calculations.

Click here to learn more about Instant Sketch and other package options for the Insurance & Restoration Industries.

Changes in floor elevation now in ESX

Starting tomorrow, April 23rd, floor elevations in the iGUIDE ESX add-on will be adjusted to reflect how a given building is actually constructed, and will no longer have any effect on ceiling heights. Before now, changes in floor elevation were represented in the Sketch by adjusting ceiling heights. These details will be most noticeable in properties that have a few steps between floor levels, such as sunken living rooms, attached garages, and some split-level floors. See the sample images here for reference.

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