iGUIDE Frequently Asked Question

What is iGUIDE?

iGUIDE is the fastest all-in-one digital property capture system and building information platform. Enabling partners to measure, market, and monitor real property at scale. For more information on how iGUIDE can help your business, head over to our dedicated Industry pages, or visit our website:

iGUIDE Frequently Asked Question

Camera System FAQ
Portal FAQ
Drafting FAQ
General FAQ
How fast does the PLANIX system operate on-site?
The iGUIDE PLANIX system has arguably the fastest capture time in the 3D modelling space. With a 10-16 second scan time, a property of 3000 sq ft can be completed in just 15 minutes.
Does the system work on exteriors?
Exterior panos can be captured. However, iGUIDE does not provide square footage for exterior areas. Also, iGUIDE does not align exterior panos. This can only be done independently by operators.
Does the system work on large properties? (hotels, commercial buildings, etc.)
Yes, iGUIDE camera systems can capably handle properties of any size. In this scenario, more scan points would capture larger areas.
How does your camera perform in low light settings?
The iGUIDE camera system performs well in low-light settings. By utilizing its HDR (High Dynamic Range), the camera system can brighten darker spaces to assist in processing claims quicker and easier.
How accurate are your measurements?
The iGUIDE camera system accurately measures the distance to walls with a 1 cm degree of uncertainty within a range of 40 meters (130 ft) of distance. iGUIDE uses time-of-flight laser scanning technology with thousands of laser points per second rather than a single laser point used by handheld scanners. You can find iGUIDE’s measurement method summarized here
How is your system different from Matterport?
While there are similarities between Matterport and iGUIDE, there are also key differences. iGUIDE is proud to offer an industry-leading degree of accuracy with a faster and easier capture process accompanied by no subscription fees.
What is the battery life of the system?
The iGUIDE PLANIX has a battery life of 7+ hours.
Can you use Ricoh Theta X?
At this time, our system only supports the usage of the Ricoh Theta Z1.
Can you use the system outside?
Yes, you can use the system to collect exterior scans or to collect large open spaces. The only caveat to open spaces is that there will be little to no laser data for accurate scan placement. NOTE: You should not use the system in adverse weather conditions such as high winds or rain without the appropriate protection.
How do I get a portal invite re-sent / My portal invite no longer works?
The portal invite expires after 2 weeks, to get a new invitation this must be done manually by the support team, please open a ticket on the Support Desk, and provide your Camera S/N.
Can I upload/replace multiple panos in a single action?
The option to replace pano images was implemented as a post-production tool in the event you wish to do minor edits to individual panos. If you return to the property and capture all new panos using the IMS5/PLANIX, then you can complete an iGUIDE Update Request. At this time, there is no option to replace multiple panos in a single action.
Why can’t I change the settings for the 3D Tour Autoplay?
The 3D tour autoplay is influenced by the order in which the panos are submitted via Stitch. If you wish to have a specific sequence of panos displayed during the 3D tour autoplay, set them in the desired order during the Stitch process prior to uploading to the Portal. As a drafting update request, our team can change the order if you desire to have the order changed post-production.
Can you give me a checkbox option to opt out of having Google index my iGUIDE?
You can prevent Google from indexing your iGUIDE by enabling the Protection setting in your iGUIDE default settings. See Protected Views and Viewer Listsfor more details!
When will my iGUIDE be ready?
iGUIDEs are processed the next business day (except on Sundays). As long as your iGUIDE is uploaded before 7 am EST, the iGUIDE will be processed the same day. If uploaded after &am EST, it will be delivered the next business day. Drafting time can be affected by the quantity of drafting to be completed. iGUIDEs over 10,000 sqft are exempt from this delivery time, and we will contact you with an expected delivery time based on the estimated size.
What are the limitations of your ESX files? What needs to be added in manually?
Review the iGUIDE ESX spec sheet and capabilities here.
What are the processing fees/ESX fees?
For an iGUIDE Standard up to 1450 sq ft, there is a $29 USD iGUIDE processing fee. An additional fee of $29 USD is associated with ESX processing. Further information on fees and pricing can be found here.
Can you draft a space with no scans?
To produce a reliable iGUIDE Report, anything we draft has to be provided to us in visual and laser data via the iGUIDE camera and we cannot rely on dimensions provided by any other means. It's important that your clients understand how your measurement equipment works: that you need adequate access to all areas of a property in order to deliver a reliable floor plan and area calculations, especially rooms which make up a portion of the perimeter walls. In order to have the area added to the floor plan, please:
  1. 1.
    Scan the missing areas in a new Survey project.
  2. 2.
    Load the files into Stitch and do any editing you need to.
  3. 3.
    Export from Stitch and locate the resulting TAR file within the _Export folder.
  4. 4.
    Browse to the "Request an Update" section of your iGUIDE (see Updating an iGUIDE) and upload the TAR file as a part of the Update Request form.
Why can’t I rotate the PDF floor plan?
The PDF floorplans are placed automatically; based on an algorithm for 'best fit'. We do not currently offer the option to rotate the PDF floor plans, however, you can load the floor plan PDF into a PDF editor for your desired outcome.
When publishing my iGUIDE with restricted height areas, why can’t you send me an email notification that includes steps to change it?
Our team drafts iGUIDEs according to our Planitar Drafting Policies, and because of this, we have implemented the option for operators to review and make any changes to a completed iGUIDE to fit the unique needs of their clients. The steps to change areas within an iGUIDE can be found here and should be bookmarked for future reference.
Can you draft an "object" on my floor plan?
To see the list of draftable objects within a floorplan please see: Floor Plan Explanation In some cases, we can draft in custom objects, please submit an iGUIDE Update Request to request such objects.
Where is the data hosted? Are there hosting fees?
iGUIDE provides hosting on or, allowing users to download their data and self-host.
Can iGUIDE capture/display elevation?
iGUIDE can not capture/display elevation at this time, however, if you order an Xactimate ESX file through us, we can provide elevation within the file.
What are Master Classes and how can I join?
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