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About iGUIDE Lead Magnet and how to enable it.

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What is iGUIDE Lead Magnet?

iGUIDE Lead Magnet is a new feature that creates a second, more detailed view of a property, which users can access by submitting their contact information through a pop-up form within the 3D tour. This tool aims to facilitate better engagement between tour viewers and Listing Agents, improving the overall experience for potential buyers.

Please note that the pop-up form and configuration options will only be available in the Default View. For this feature to work as intended, a valid e-mail or SMS-capable phone number must be entered in the Listing Agents banner.

How to enable iGUIDE Lead Magnet?

iGUIDE Lead Magnet can be enabled in the iGUIDE Portal for any new or existing iGUIDE. The checkbox to enable the form can only be found on the Default View settings page (click the blue Edit button on the My iGUIDEs page), the Operators iGUIDE Defaults or applied to a Listing Agent's banner settings. To enable the feature, ensure a banner is applied to the iGUIDE, then check the Show Contact Form box under the Lead Magnet section. Once enabled, there are three additional pre-configured options:

  • Hide contact form on unbranded iGUIDE - this hides the form on the Unbranded iGUIDEs only.

  • Disable automatic reply - after the form is filled out, the Listing Agent will need to send the Detailed View.

  • Send SMS notifications - if a Listing Agent's number is present in the banner settings, an information request will be sent via SMS.

UNBRANDED TOURS: Check with the local MLS if unbranded tours are allowed to have a contact form. Disabling the contact form in unbranded iGUIDE will disable it in most national listing portals.

iGUIDE Lead Magnet can also be enabled/disabled when embedding an iGUIDE.

How does the iGUIDE Lead Magnet function?

Once iGUIDE Lead Magnet is enabled, a pop-up form will appear in the iGUIDE after three clicks by the user or when 30 seconds have elapsed.

When completed, the form data will be sent via email and (optionally) via SMS message to the Listing Agent on the iGUIDE banner. Where the Listing Agent's emails and numbers are provided, the system prioritises the first entry. Using the example below, only contact methods (1) and (2) will be used when the form is submitted.

If you wish to change the Listing Agent on an iGUIDE, correctly switch the banner and confirm that the email and phone number fields are correct.

An automatic reply can be sent to the user with a link to the Detailed View. Alternatively, the Listing Agent can reach out directly to the user if the automatic reply is disabled. The link to the Detailed View can be accessed from the iGUIDE report. Additionally, it is included in the email and SMS notifications sent to the Listing Agent. This link can be shared with users when contacting them. The Listing Agent can receive multiple queries for the same iGUIDE.

Default View vs Detailed View

When the iGUIDE Lead Magnet is enabled, the iGUIDE Details page features an additional view (the Detailed View). This view will have the tag detailed listed in the view feature list (see the screenshot below). To delete the Detailed View, you must disable the contact form feature on the iGUIDE.

  • Default View: Disable any panos you prefer not to display initially. This keeps your iGUIDE Tour clean and focused.

  • Detailed View: This view is displayed after receiving an iGUIDE Lead Magnet Form; enable the panos you want to make visible, providing a more thorough experience to the lead.

To tailor the 3D Tour to your preferences, you can adjust the visibility of panorama images (panos) in both the Default and Detailed views; follow the instructions in the article Turning Panos On and Off via the iGUIDE Portal.

Tips to configure the Detailed View

  1. Reveal more interior scans that provide more points of view and connect essential spaces.

  2. Reveal scans that are valuable to users but may not be suitable for marketing purposes, for example:

    • Garages

    • Closets

    • Storage Spaces

    • Unfinished Basements

    • Utility Rooms

  3. Reveal exterior scans that surround the property for an improved visual experience.

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