Billing FAQ & Billable Area Defined

Billing FAQ:

  1. How do I receive my bill? You will receive an invoice during the first week of the following month with your bill. This email is sent to the email address associated with your portal account.

  2. I have a query in regard to my bill, who do I contact? Please open a ticket on the Support Desk using the sub-type “Billing”.

  3. How can I pay you? This varies for domestic or international clients, your invoice states the ways you can pay.

  4. At what point am I billed for an iGUIDE? The billable area is recorded once your iGUIDE is published or pre-published by the Drafting Team. Any subsequent updates are also billable.

  5. Why did I receive an invoice when I was given free processing packages? There are a couple of possible explanations for the situation where a package ordered by an operator may have exceeded the scope of the complimentary packages offered or expired before use.

    • One possibility is that the package in question surpassed the predetermined limits set for the complimentary offerings. For example, if the package is based on square footage, it is likely that ordering additional square footage beyond a specified threshold would fall outside the scope of the complimentary package.

    • Another scenario could involve different tiers of packages, such as a Standard iGUIDE versus a Premium iGUIDE, where you, the operator, ordered features or services that are only included in the premium option.

    • Lastly, it is also possible that the complimentary package had a specific timeframe within which it could be utilized, and if you did not make use of it before it expired, you would have to pay for these iGUIDEs.

Billable Area Defined

Planitar billable area to operators is all drafted space with very few exceptions. It accounts for the total drafting cost and every Planitar invoice includes a definition of billable area.

The billable area is a sum of interior areas of all floors (including below grade) plus all drafted spaces that may be excluded from the interior floor area totals for the purpose of property size reporting standards, such as sunrooms, crawlspaces, any rooms attached to the house that you can only access from outside and parts of rooms with sloped ceilings where the height of the room is less than 5 ft. Please note that exterior wall thickness does not affect the billable area as it only affects the exterior floor area.

There are drafted spaces that are both excluded from floor area totals for the purpose of property size reporting standards and also from the billable area. These are the exceptions to the rule and include attached garages (main building only, in order to encourage complete floor plans), cold rooms (for historical reasons), areas open to below, and outdoor spaces such as balconies/decks/patios. Both detached and attached garages part of any additional buildings are billable.

Planitar billable area is not the same as Total Above Grade Exterior Area, or Interior Area, from the iGUIDE Report that agents use on MLS. The billable area is not provided in the iGUIDE Report to agents as each operator sets their own billing practices.

The billable area is located on the $ Package & Add-ons page (see Figure 1) and the My iGUIDEs page of the iGUIDE Portal (see Figure 2).

Identifying Planitar Invoices

To confirm that the invoice from Planitar is Legitimate, please see below for tips:

  1. Check the e-mail's subject line, It should match one of the below: "Invoice xxxx from Planitar Inc. for *your name* " "Planitar Inc.: Reminder on Outstanding Invoice xxxx "

  2. Check the e-mail address details to confirm the invoice is being sent from our invoicing provider:

    A. Ensure the from e-mail address is: B. Ensure the reply-to e-mail address is: C. This should be your e-mail. D. The subject line should match one of the subject lines from point #1. E. Mailed and Signed by F. security, there should be standard TLS encryption on the e-mail.

  1. The e-mail will look like the below screenshot:

    At (1) or (2), Select View Invoice to view the invoice online.

  2. Once the page loads up, ensure that the website is HTTPS (Secured) by (in Chrome) clicking on the lock icon next to the address bar. See (3) (4) & (5).

  3. The e-mail will have a PDF version of the invoice attached, see the below sample:

As long as the above match up, you can be confident that this invoice is from Planitar. If you do have more questions, please feel free to reach out to the Product Support Team via a Support Ticket.

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