Step 3 - Mounting the System

In this video, we show how to mount the system on a Manfrotto QR plate as well as using an Arca Swiss plate.

Step 3 – Mounting the System

The purpose of this video is to give you recommendations on a tripod that would be best suited for using with your iGUIDE PLANIX system as well as showing you how to mount the system onto the tripod.

The tripod should:

  • Have a stable base with a minimum leg diameter of 40cm

  • Be designed to hold the weight of more than just the Ricoh THETA Z1

  • Have a weight rating of up to 4lbs and above

  • Supporting height of up to 5 feet

  • Have a head that will not project into the 360-degree panoramic image

  • Having an integrated level is highly recommended

  • Many tripods have a hook underneath that can be used to attach a small weight. This is to enhance stability, especially during exterior shooting

To mount the iGUIDE PLANIX system:

  • Extend your tripod legs to their maximum width

  • Confirm the mounting plate is attached securely

  • Fasten the system onto the tripod

  • The Ricoh Theta Z1 lens should sit at around 130cm height from the floor

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