Step 6 – Project Creation

This video walks you through how to create projects and take scans using PLANIX and survey.

Step 6 – Creating Project & Taking Scans

This video walks you through how to create projects and take scans using PLANIX and survey. You need to start by connecting your PLANIX system to your smart device and survey. (Please see the video/notes on how to connect to Survey).

Once you have navigated to Survey, the main screen will open up.

    1. In the top left-hand corner you will see a menu, click on this to open it up and then click on Project.

    2. Enter a name in the project name box. Typically this is the property address

    3. Click create to complete your project creation

    4. Next you will be prompted to enter a floor name. You can type this in manually or select from a dropdown list.

    5. If applicable, select below grade for this floor.

    6. Click create to continue

    Once you have created a project and a floor, you will move on to taking panos.

    1. Click on the shutter icon bottom middle of the screen

    2. Listen for the Ricoh bleep.

    3. Once the bleep has completed you can pick up the tripod and move to the next scan location and prepare for the next shot.

    4. When the scan has completed processing you can click the shutter icon again to take your next scan

    5. Once you have taken 2 scans the laser data on the bottom of the screen becomes more visible

    6. Your laser data should be automatically aligning. If you need or want to make adjustments you are welcome to do so by clicking the align button (to the left of the shutter icon). You will not need to do this if your scans are close enough

    7. Continue to take scans in the space as required to complete a full floor plan as well as for visual use in the final iGUIDE.

    Two-shot mode

    Your PLANIX system has the ability to take one or two-shot modes for capturing panorama and laser data. Two-shot mode is useful in spaces where you do not have the ability to hide.

    1. To use the two-shot mode select the 1-2 rotation icon in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

    2. Stand at the front of the camera where you can see the iGUIDE logo and press the shutter icon.

    3. Once the first shot has finished processing, move to the back of the camera and press the shutter icon again.

    4. This completes the panorama and you will notice you are not visible in any of the shots.

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