Setting the Initial Pano and Pano Angle in Stitch

How to set the initial pano and pano angle in Stitch.

When you are finished aligning your Stitch data, you may wish to set the initial panoramic image and viewing angles before exporting your file as a .tar via the iGUIDE Portal.

By setting the initial pano of your iGUIDE, you are choosing which is the best point of view for a user to begin their 3D tour of the property. When setting the initial angle of a pano, you might choose an impressive room feature or some other point of interest.

Setting the initial pano in your iGUIDE is required. Setting the initial angle of each of your panos is optional. If you change your mind about any of your choices in Stitch, don’t worry, you can change your selections on the iGUIDE Portal after the iGUIDE is published.

Setting the Initial Pano

Find and select the image you wish to use as your initial pano. Right-click to open and select ‘Set as initial pano’ (see Figure 1). The pano you select will be the first pano that appears to viewers of the iGUIDE.

Note: If you change your mind about your ‘initial pano’, simply choose a different pano from the list, right-click and select ‘Set as initial pano’. This will overwrite your previous selection.

Setting Initial Angle per Pano

  1. Press the ‘Set initial pano angle’ button (see Figure 2) will allow you to select a new pano angle.

  2. When you wish to select your preferred starting angle within a pano, you will notice in the viewing portion of the image there is a white box that acts as your cursor. Once you have left-clicked where you wish to place the initial pano, it will be represented by a blue box. This will be the current starting angle for the pano (see Figure 3). Note: On your initial pano, it will be represented by an orange box.

  3. Ensure to save your project.

Setting the Initial Pano and Angle on the portal

To set the initial pano or angle after the iGUIDE has been published, please see Setting the initial pano & angle

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