Stitch Drawing Tool

The Stitch Drawing Tool is a feature within Stitch designed to assist in aligning your data.

The tool allows users to draw reference lines directly onto your laser data. These reference lines serve as visual guides to aid in the alignment process. For example, users can draw lines along long, straight walls or other prominent features within the scans.

To get into the Draw Reference Line mode, click on the drawing tool icon on the top toolbar of Stitch or hit the L key on your keyboard.

Now that you are in Draw Reference Line mode, hold down the shift key to show the yellow assisting lines.

Left-click once to start drawing your line, then left-click again to finish.

To draw multiple lines, you can repeat the process as many times as needed. Once these reference lines are drawn, users can use them as guides to accurately place and align data. This will ensure that the resulting point cloud data maintains accurate alignment.

Pressing and holding the CTRL or CMND key will allow you to click and drag to select multiple reference lines and highlight or delete them by pressing the delete key.

The reference lines are meant to be used as a visual guide while aligning point cloud data and are not included in the exported .tar file. However, these lines are saved within the software and will be available when reopened, making it easier for users to resume the alignment process from where they left off. Additionally, the reference lines can be viewed on other floors with the help of the underlay feature.

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