User Panos and Points of Interest

This article will explain what user panos are and how to create them.

User panos are panoramas that aren’t taken using the iGUIDE camera system, for example, a drone pano. A user pano starts as an empty shell and then the photographer inputs their own panoramic image. User panos have no laser data and are just used as a visual addition to the iGUIDE. User panos have a number of uses for photographers which can add extra features to their iGUIDE or save them time when reusing panos.

How to Create a User Pano

User panos can only be created in Stitch. The steps for creating a user pano are outlined below:

  1. Open the iGUIDE data in Stitch and right-click on the floor that the pano needs to show up on. Then select the option Add user pano.

  2. A window will pop up giving a prompt to choose an image to upload. Select the image that will show up within this user pano.

NOTE: Any image can be chosen, but user panos are intended for panoramic images so standard images will look very distorted. The ratio for the image should be 2:1 (width to height) and a maximum of 7200x3600 pixels. If it is not, black bars will be inserted at the edges to make up the proper ratio. Below is an example Pano you can download to ensure that your dimensions, file size and file types match.

  1. Once the image has been chosen a prompt will appear to set the position and the rotation of the pano. Make sure it is exactly where it needs to be. The drafters will only move it if it interferes with other panos.

Depending on the purpose of the user pano, the position and rotation of the pano may be important.

When placing the drone pano, it can be difficult to get right; it is recommended to ensure that the initial pano angle faces in the direction of the property below, you can also position and rotate the pano to face the correct direction as with other panos:

Interior scans that you take independently must be placed correctly by you, our team can only place interior scans taken by our system, the laser data is crucial for this purpose (rotation of the scan for positioning).

Uses for User Panos

The most common use for user panos is for 360° drone photography. These drone panoramas show the property from above and much of the surrounding area.

Another use for user panos could be for points of interest. Similar to aerials, a pano could be taken in a local area that the photographer wants to highlight close to the property (i.e. park, playground, tennis court etc).

Reusing Past Panos as User Panos

A photographer could potentially reuse a pano from a past iGUIDE and input them into a new iGUIDE as a user pano. It’s best to reuse past panos when going back to shoot new or different units of buildings. This is because that building shares the same common areas or amenities as the previous shot unit.

The steps below will outline how to do this:

  1. Find the original iGUIDE that has the pano(s) needed for the new iGUIDE.

  2. Go to the iGUIDE Report and click the Download link for the Photo Spheres.

  3. Unzip the folder and find the image that corresponds to the pano(s) to copy.

  4. When creating the user pano choose this image to upload. The user pano will now have the visuals for that pano.

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