Exporting to Floorplanner

Exporting your iGUIDE to Floorplanner.com

The Floorplanner Export page allows you to export iGUIDE floor plans to the Floorplanner.com platform for advanced furniture and space planning, and visualization in both 2D and 3D. This article explains how to start using this feature on the iGUIDE Portal.

Make sure you head over to Floorplanner.com to create an account before you start.

UPDATE: Effective Nov. 17th, 2021, a (free) level 1 project on Floorplanner is limited to 1-floor level. When exporting an iGUIDE with multiple floors into a level 1 project, only 1 floor will be shown. Upgrade your project to level 2 in order to enable multiple floors.

  1. First, make sure that you enabled the Floorplanner add-on when creating your iGUIDE. If you didn’t, you can still enable it on the Package & Add-ons page of the iGUIDE. See Figure 1.

  1. Next, select an iGUIDE View and click on the Floorplanner button on the left-hand side menu. The iGUIDE View must already be published and must not be locked/expired. See Figure 2.

  1. On this page, we have some information about charges and information regarding the conversion from 2D to 3D. Select the building you wish to export via the drop-down list, and click on the blue Export button. See Figure 3.

  1. You are then asked to confirm the export of your iGUIDE, please check the address to make sure you are exporting the correct iGUIDE. See Figure 4.

  1. You will then be redirected to the Floorplanner authentication page. Here you must log in, or sign up if you haven’t created an account. See Figure 5.

NOTE: If you sign up with a Google, Facebook or Apple account. You will first need to go to Floorplanner.com and log in prior to export, Figure 5 will not appear.

  1. If authentication is successful, our servers will begin to export the iGUIDE View you selected. Once the operation is complete, you should see a green message letting you know that the export was successful. Click the “here” link to see your finished Floorplanner product. See Figure 6. You may see errors appear within the green box that informs you of data that Floorplanner was unable to translate. These should typically be known errors which are due to the technical limitations of this integration, as shown below.

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